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There are a number of home cleaning companies available and you should make sure you receive the most for your cleaning dollar. Below are 5 suggestions for deciding on a professional cleaning service for your house.

Tip #1 - Meet with the Company

Don't make the mistake of employing a house cleaning company directly from the phone book or from a bulletin flyer. Invest time to talk to not only the business's representative, but also the person or persons who will be cleaning your personal property. By doing this, it is possible to analyze the company's communication abilities and whether or not you are happy with their attitude.

Tip #2 - Make it Clear

Don't balk at giving directions. You have employed this company to perform a task for you and it has to be crystal clear what you consider "clean". Should you have individual jobs that should be completed at every visit, such as having beds made or a load of laundry run, you need to delineate this on paper in the very beginning. Many cleaning companies have a list of standard responsibilities they perform at every trip out, so look through it and be sure this satisfies your requirements.

Tip #3 - Verify Insurance Coverage

You should work only with companies whose staff are bonded and covered by insurance. Criminal record checks are generally typical company policy , as the workers will have admission to your household. Often, you may not even be in your house as they arrive to clean, making it essential that employees are trustworthy and reliable.

Tip #4 - Who Will Supply Equipment?

It is critical to decide beforehand who'll be providing the cleaning materials (soaps, sponges, cleaning solutions, mopping pails, etc.). A few businesses provide a lower price if they are able to utilize the customer's supplies; others insist on carrying their own. If you are drawn to eco-friendly cleaning methods, track down a company which promotes green cleaning. If you locate a business that you just adore which doesn't work with natural cleaning products, you're likely to be in a position to provide them on your own.

Tip #5 - Set The Billing Rate

Many cleaning services charge on an hourly basis; some others by the day. You should conduct a review of your home together with the company representative and the home cleaner to make sure you all agree on how the assignment shall be billed. Also, decide how frequently the service is going to visit your property for cleaning. The most desired is once every fourteen days, but many companies may appear once a week or month-to-month as well. Several companies also offer spring or autumn cleaning specials for those who want to utilize the cleaning service a handful of times a year.